Building Business

An #ImprovingOrdinary is an ordinary person with a zeal to continuously improve himself. I believe I am such a person.

Adding zero to any number increases its value. Based on this principle, I created and co-created several businesses with a definite goal to add zeros to any business activity I undertake. Extending that belief, I work to make a positive difference in people's lives by sharing my two-decades experience of delivering value through software, technology, product development assistance and solutions. It is what I call "esprit de corps." I work with all my energy to win people over defeating them. Who are those people? My team. My partners. My clients and the whole society at large.


Richard Branson said that "If you are not making difference in someone's lives then you should not be doing business!"

I began my entrepreneurship journey without knowing it was the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey but one thing I knew was that through my work I could make a positive difference in people's lives. This is because of my bought up and traits instilled by my late father who has been a respectful name in English literature.

One of the traits I grasped was to give support, freedom and work environment to people who work for me and my companies. This creates the feeling of self-belonging in the team and they work with me to achieve the greater goal.

Through my businesses, I encourage my employees, customers and vendors, and investors to fulfill their dreams and chase the goals they have set through empathy and clarity of path laid down for them.

People often ask me about my technical role while dealing with the team, colleagues and customers. Answer to this would be that I am playing a position of a brick-fixer, the one who sees the missing brick in the wall and work relentlessly to fix it.

When I started getting into entrepreneurship, I worked in the field of IT. At that time, I believed that I'm a computer geek and all I can do well was software. But eventually I learned that Computers or Software were just the medium and I could do any kind of business when I understand its principles well. This thought led me to put my feet into several non-IT businesses such as Real Estate and Water Plants and make them successful too.


I am a leader who is passionate about People, their excellence, and the amazing outcomes they produce. I see that people get respect when they deliver and perhaps because of that, I began my journey to get everything delivered. In the process, since the beginning I put the emphasis on "software delivery" aspect to begin with.

Training, Technology and Development are the areas core to People Management, and that is where I play a pivotal role, leading my team from the front to deliver results. My core belief is: "Leaders always eat last but nonetheless lead from the front!"

Currently, after living and breathing the industry for two-decades, I find myself fixing a problem which could be either personal or professional, technical or tactical, financial or non-financial and using solutions approach to get the desired results delivered.