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In my early days of teens, my body was so thin that I did not like to go in public because of the fear that people will ask me, “For how many years have you been fasting?” I never liked giving answer to that question because I used to eat healthy food in good quantity but perhaps my body didn’t know how to make muscles out of it. It was my body, not me ?

In other areas of life, I was okay at academics. Average at sports. I was not doing badly but I was not super-successful either.

Did my thin body and being average have anything in common? Well, maybe

For the first 25 years of my life, I used to believe that I had to live with the thin body which I was “given”, even though my fascination was a masculine body. Then I came across a thought from Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Was it just imagination? Could I do it if I imagine it?

I imagined getting better at databases & within about eight months of conviction, intentional focus, rigorous practice and perseverance, I started being recognized as one of the best SQL Server experts in the company I was employed with and at one point of time, I was topper in online SQL Server examinations in my state.

Thinness of my body didn’t matter now. My colleagues knew that if they had any database problem, I’d solve it. They could depend on me.

For me, this was the first taste of success that I created myself and time started to change.

I continued to pump some iron and stay pumped up. Eventually I realized that I am also capable of building anything I can imagine. I imagined building a business and I built . I imagined building biceps and I build myself.

Both Biceps and Business demand conviction, intentional focus, rigorous practice and perseverance. I am fortunate enough to take pride in practicing these characteristics daily in every task I undertake. Small or big. Easy or hard. Important or urgent.



2010: Co-founded one of the biggest Mobile Apps Development Company in Western India as recognized by GESIA in 2015. Bootstrapped the business with just INR 70k and two co-founders, grew the team size to 200+, had development centers in Vietnam and Russia, incubated and invested in several kick-ass startups (on-demand taxi solution, event management, fintech, influencer marketing etc.), took the company to Silicon Valley and finally made a profitable EXIT to enter into the next phase of my serial entrepreneurship journey.


2015: Co-founded a 40-people solutions startup to explicitly provide services to Government Agencies through Cloud-powered, mobile-first on-demand services. After gathering several accolades including, the first price in “Social Entrepreneurship” and making the startup profitable, I exited from the company in 2018.


Co-created video storytelling platform on iOS that allowed the users to make videos and recreate moments. Sold this company to a foreign buyer for five years of revenue.


Invested in a Mobile Apps Development boutique company in 2012. The Studio produced over 200 mobile-based solutions and made several profitable exits from the subsidiaries of Space-O Digicom. I currently sit on the board of UpSquare as shareholder and director.


Founded in 2018, Everyonic Ventures is an early to mid-stage, India focused venture fund company where we partner and invest in entrepreneurs through their journey in building world class companies in the domain of technology, manufacturing, engineering, real estate, education etc. backed by our intensive and rich experience at each and every step of growth life cycle.


2020: Founded Seven Square Technosoft, a technology development company serving clients across different parts of the world. At Seven Square Technosoft, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing mobile app and web development with a team of 50+ people to meet the unique requirements of startups, organizations, and enterprises of different verticals.


2021: Co-founded Tickitbari, an entrainment and an over-the-top media service company engaged in content creation, aggregation and streaming showcasing cultures and history through different languages through cinema, web-series, short films videos etc. It offers subscription-based video on demand from a library of films and television series.


Invested in Gujarat, India based media production company in 2022. A Red Wine Productions is a Gujarat based film production company that provides different services such as producing films, web series, short films, music, advertising & corporate videos, etc.

logo(Acquired by Seven Square Technosoft)

Founded in 2018, GED strives to make consulting a better world by being more impactful to the problem, more customer-oriented, and relevant for any business, startup, individual, entrepreneur, project manager, and delivery head.

In 2023, Seven Square Technosoft acquired GED to enhance the depth and scale of service offerings. The acquisition aims to create a bigger team with better infrastructure and a broader customer base, enabling the new entity to offer a more comprehensive range of IT services by providing startup mentoring and expanding services in different domains.