Building Biceps

Building bicep is symbolic of building One's own self.

I often say that, "Intentional Perseverance overpowers talent", meaning that an individual is capable of building anything one could imagine, visualize and convert it into reality. Being very thin and shy in my mid twenties, I transformed myself into a stronger and well-built guy. I am firm believer that if your core values and fundamentals are strong then path of life becomes easier to read upon.

If a ordinary guy like me can build biceps then others can do a lot many other things.

Can't they?


It doesn't matter what others think, It's what I believe in that matters. Instead of focusing on the Problem, I always focus on finding the Solution.

I strongly recommend that all the communication problems are because we don't listen to understand, we listen to react.

I also Believe in Winning People instead of defeating them.

Personal Life

I was always fascinated by strongly built People as building biceps was one of my passions from a very young age. But at 25, I realized that I can build biceps of my own and I started believing in myself and started working towards it. It required a lot of hard work and discipline, which is very important, because there is no substitute for both.

I am very passionate about sports and action-thriller movies. I make friends very easily but seek bonds from a few, who can actually read my mind well?


Inspiration is not something which compels you to seek but it certainly motivates you or gives you the direction to go in. In many cases it also gives you the reason to think. It rises from within most of times ?

Honestly, there is no single person who is most inspiring to me but I take lessons from my family, great leaders and entrepreneurs of the world and many a times from day to day experiences which keep me driving through.

I strongly believe that there are a few paths which you need to walk alone.